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The Selling Process
The Selling Process

Step 1 Ė Sale Agreed


We obtain your title deeds from your financial institution and examine the title that you hold. We draft contracts and send them to the Purchaserís Solicitors with supporting documentation. The Purchaserís Solicitor will then raise title queries. We receive the buyers signed contract and deposit. We meet you to sign contracts and then return contracts to the buyerís solicitor


Step 2 Ė Exchange


We respond to requisitions on title raised by the purchaserís Solicitor. We then request your mortgage redemption figures and prepare closing documentation.


Stage 3 Ė Closing


We meet you to sign the closing documentation. The Purchaserís solicitor will attend our offices to go through the closing documents. We receive the balance of the purchase price and give the title documents to the Purchaserís solicitor. We discharge any mortgages or charges affecting the property and give you the balance of the proceeds.